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Super Awesome Company, way to empower small scale farmers & SHG Groups

Chickens provide multiple food resources,It can be profitable:Depending on where you live, one dozen farm-fresh chicken eggs can be priced at 150/- .Chickens can reduce stress levels.
Mushroom farming is a sector that has not been well explored in Kenya yet it is a profitable one. Most people have not considered venturing into this type of farming simply because not many of us consume the meal,
Dairy farming very useful that you can produce more than product such as milk ,cheese ,butter and there is ecnomics benefits of dairy farming and it will be much better if we used organic dairy farming because it providing both environmental and economic benefits.
Sweet corn, also known as sugar corn, is much used as a vegetable. There are many farmers markets in the summer. It is a great time to take advantage of the sweet corn.Several different sweet corn cultivars with variations in their sweetness, color, and maturation are grown keeping in mind of local and regional demands. Most farmers opt for crops that attribute superior eating and keeping quality and high yields.

What Our Farmer says

  • muptam india pvt ltd deal with Great customer service and quality foods! We love your eggs , its always fresh and delicious. They are the only eggs I have hard boiled that come out perfect every time! we bought two WHOLE chickens and the chicken sausage. The whole chicken will definitely feed a family of 4 for sure

  • muptam is for Organic food. Not fancy, mostly they ship to customers, but you can also pick up. Good place to get organic food items at reasonable prices. Items are all kept refrigerated and seem fresh. Larger selection than i know what to do with.

  • I work here so I'm a little bias, but I honestly believe muptam carries the absolute best products available. They will go out of there way and even pay a premium for better quality products. Everyone at muptam enjoys what they do and make an effort to make sure customers get the absolute best food available.